INTERNAL GROWING: the importance of employee engagement


In an era so full of possibilities, it’s pretty scary that still exist Companies driven by ancient minds, authority and hard policies. Though 2016 has seen  a growth in working satisfaction for Italian, employees engagement is still not a strong interest for a lot of business men.

Companies, when choosing their employees, should  be interested in choosing the best and keeping them as much as possible by giving them personal satisfaction and benefits.

It’s often heard that “a growth of the organization is a growth of all its personnel” but it doesn’t proper work like this because it often happens that as profits level up, employees’ income doesn’t change. Sharing profits is not a common practice. Money generates greediness and more money recall more money.

Without a specific and planned interest, it’s difficult that extra money will be shared or used to improve the work location and people engagement.

Investment is of course a risk and when you hardly got extra money it’s easier keeping them for you. But here comes the point that make the difference between a strategic top management having a long-period vision and a top management more incline to facts and present results.

When you have a long-period vision then you are more into investment for improvements.

It has been already proved that when employees are happy and satisfied they are able to reach more goals and to reach them easily. They wake up in the morning more energized and excited to go to work (even when this costs like1hour by train and uncountable minutes of walking).

Companies waste money all the time but when it comes to invest on people there’s always something that stops this action, especially when it is run by old generation of business men which are for sure responsible for the big growth of the company but also of its flat life line. They demand data and demand them instantly with results in the short period.

Only a fresh mind could save the sort of a company that could lead again the market by understanding sentences like “sharing is caring” and “take care of your team”.

Employees are the first PR of the Company. When the boss understand that he is already half-way to make the Company great again. Make them happy and satisfied and you will have PR for free that will provide positive feedback worldwide.

Satisfaction comes not only from tangible things such as benefits, instruments and working place, but also from the ideas and values spread from the company. Support these values  build trust and integrity making people working hard to meet company goals. A company should have its value very clear and when choosing people they of course being projected on who meet these feelings so will work easily, in an environment who respect producing more, bringing ideas and initiatives, growing competence, expertise and personal interest in making the company bigger.

The company on its hands should help creating opportunities to connect with colleagues and improve themselves.

One of the most requested thing on job offers is flexibility. You know what? When people are motivated, like their job and trust the company, they care more what they do and they will work harder to pursue the global success even working extra hours without complaining. They will also probably think about new strategies and ideas of how improve the business when on their way back home, or cooking, or doing sports.

As already mentioned, engagement comes not only by material actions but also from explanations. There may be something undone and the perception is more positive when employees got answers.

Even Google has an history on employees engagement. It is now one of the best company to work for and there’s a reason. They want to hire the best people on the market, they ask a lot by also giving a lot. They want people being proactive to gain the job. Getting the job is the first step of satisfaction. You start an experience and you start it already happy to become part of it. Interview process can be thought  but it will be highly rewarded.

Highly structured companies with different roles and levels should be able to differentiate the engagement and satisfaction. Newly employees start working with an idea of the company being happy to be part of it. Their perception may grow or decay by the interaction they will have with their top manager. “People join organization but leave managers”. Top managers are mentor for newly people, when they are satisfied and proactive they will spread values to interns and junior roles making them more commitment to the job by teaching, guiding and also stimulating to enlarge knowledge by themselves.

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